Knit Division

Knit Division

However our vision has never been limited to reaching someplace. Instead we have always
envisioned a journey where we progress along with all our associates, customers, employees and
vendors. On this journey we have crossed several milestones. From each one we learned that the
best way forward is by maintaining our high business practices and quality standards.
To move forward with the ever-changing taste of people NEW ERA Introduced a creative design
section named R&D section. Innovative designers are working in this section to develop new
designs for buyers.

Designers travel & surf to different fairs and sources to generate ideas for buyers in home and
abroad. Besides-the merchandising section is well equipped with high tech communication
facilities to provide feedback to the buyers.

To ensure quality service/product with the best value to our customers by maintaining follows:

1. Keeping strong commitment with the people we do business with

2. Ensuring a pleasant, clean and professional working condition for our employees

3. Maintaining all the compliance of Green Products